Choosing the right perfume for your body chemistry can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. Some perfumes will smell great on your best friend, but they just don’t smell good on you, so it’s important to understand how to find the right perfume to complement your body chemistry and personality. Keep reading to learn how to find the right perfume that smells beautiful, not just on you, but also on everyone else in your life!

Finding Out What Fragrances You Like

To find out what fragrances you like, first, think about what smells you don’t like. What do you detest? Do certain perfumes make your eyes water or your stomach churn? If so, perfumes with similar scents will likely give you a bad reaction too. Now consider which fragrances you prefer. Remember, however, that everyone has different body chemistry and that perfume ingredients interact differently with different skin types and genders. So, even if something smells good on someone else it might not smell right on you. Since many people are allergic to perfumes containing lavender or other essential oils, look instead for synthetic alternatives; they tend to cause fewer reactions than their natural counterparts.

Know What Scents Are Not For You

There are some basic guidelines on what scents tend to work best with certain body chemistries. If you have a sweet, floral, or fruity scent that you love but it just doesn’t seem to work for your body chemistry, don’t be discouraged. The ideal perfume or cologne should complement your natural scent and bring out your inner beauty. Knowing what types of scents may not be right for you can help narrow down which perfumes are worth trying.

Smell Before Buying

The scent is closely tied to memory, so it’s important that you like what you smell on your body. To find a perfume that works with your natural chemistry, get samples and use them sparingly. If a scent doesn’t work for you or wears off quickly, try another sample or ask someone else if they can smell it on you. The right perfume will wear close to your skin; don’t be afraid of strong fragrances but do avoid one that screams cheap or overwhelming at close range. Test out several options and keep an open mind; everyone smells different from person to person!

Know Which Skin Type You Have

Your skin type and body chemistry matter when it comes to perfume. It’s a common myth that perfumes work differently on everyone—the truth is your skin type and body chemistry are key factors in how a fragrance works. Skin acts as an organ that secretes oils, which in turn affects how scents react with your body. If you have oily skin, for example, fragrances will stay closer to your skin; if you have dry skin, they can last longer.

Know Your Natural Bodies Oils

The best way to find a perfume that will be right for your body chemistry is by knowing how your body reacts to different scents. Apply perfume directly onto your skin, wait 30 minutes and sniff to see if you react well to it. If you notice any allergy or irritation (redness, bumps, itchiness), you should avoid wearing that perfume in public; it’s not right for your body chemistry. Some people also react negatively to citrus smells because they have higher amounts of limonene in them which can cause skin irritation. For example, lime-scented products are not recommended if you are sensitive to smells or have dry skin. Check Body Chemistry Quiz.

Use The Right Amount Of Perfume

Spray perfume on pulse points—your wrists, neck, and behind your ears. These are body chemistry warm spots where your body heat will make you smell amazing all day long. (Tip: If you don’t know what your pulse points are, take a quick shower before spraying on perfume.) Over-applying perfume might make you feel pretty while standing in front of a mirror, but it won’t get people telling everyone how great you smell from across a room. You can also adjust how strong of a scent comes through by applying more or less product to different areas of your body.