The Acronym’s opening is a mix of citrus and white florals. Then, not long after, the flavour comes in and fades with the jasmine and cyclamen at heart. It is just an awesome and new fragrance with a musky-sharpness that gives both a fiery and rich feel in the base, enduring the whole day.
The Acronym is our impression of the Erolfa by Creed.

Gender: Men

Season: All Seasons

Occasion: Casual, Formal

Bergamot, Lime, Green Notes, Lemon, Violet, Herbal Notes, Pine Tree, Jasmine, Pepper, Nutmeg,  Flower Base Notes, Ambergris, Musk, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Cedar

Fragrance Profile: Citrus, Woody, Fresh Spicy, Powdery