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❝ Best choice to buy best impression fragnances at unbelievable prices, Now there is no need to buy Very Expensive perfumes as you can get them at very attractive prices from them. Guys are super cooperative and guide you with excellent support. I really appreciate such sort of cooperation.❞

Rizwan Ahmed, Customer

❝  I bought Rouge 540 couple of months earlier, now its nearly ending and i m planning to buy new one from rawaha. So the main thing is i m posting this review after complete usage of their product and it was really awesome and long lasting. I received tons of compliments and strongly recommend Rawaha perfumes. Spectacular work!❞

Zain Ul Imtiaz , Customer
❝ Love the fragrance and also, their rates are very reasonable.
Looking forward to shop more IA!
Totally recommended.❞
Fizza Daud, Customer
❝ Highly Recommended .The perfumes and their customer service is appreciable…
keep up the Good work…
and entertain your customers the way you are doing.❞
Choudhary Saj Javed, Customer
❝ So I posted around 3 hours back for an urgent need of an impression. A really close friend suggested Rawaha . I was beyond surprised when I visited their studio. They had an amazing collection from the most basic to the most exclusive perfumes and their scents are outclass. ❞
Syed Shehryar Jafri, Customer
❝ New Creation by Rawaha.  Although the fragnance is still unnamed but oh boy what a fragnance it is. It has to be one of the best aquatic scents that I have sniffed. In simple words it’s a pure class and a compliment magnet and gives you the feeling of freshness associated with sea breeze and takes you on a journey to some Island lagoon’s.❞
Wasim Ullah Khan, Customer
❝ Rawaha Jubilation 25 got this sample a while back and today I decided to give it a try….
Compared to the original, I think it is around 90% similar in notes breakdown, with excellent 5 to 6 hr solod performance and good silage…Once again, excellent work by Rawaha.❞
Irfan Abuhadi, Customer
❝ Fireplace By Rawaha
Spicy, Crisp, Woody with A Pleasant Vanilla Note In Dry Down
Beast Mode Projection & Longevity❞
Ali Asad, Customer
❝ Must say Rawaha has come a long long way from when they started. Criticism put aside, the packaging is top notch and I’m actually impressed by the impressions (Meydan, CC 1872). Ordered D&G3 for my wife, the impression is spot on, plus projection is better (something the original lacked). Good job Rawaha, may you grow more.❞
Avli A., Customer
❝ Trust me when i say this, have been using armani code since last 8 years but none of them had projection and lasting as the rawaha’s impression and the scent is 99.9999 percent same as the original one. Asked them to send one allure homme sport sample and that is also a refreshing scent and inshallah will be my next order.❞
Khizer Mustafa, Customer
❝ Rich Wood by Xerjoff (Rawaha impression).
Rawaha has never failed to impress me.
Great work very close to originals , with impressive projection and lasting.❞
Ahmed Azeem Khan, Customer
❝ Montabaco by Rawaha. Have been wearing it consecutively for last 3 days. Unbelievable value, seems a blend of top notch ingredients. I ordered a full bottle right away. This is my favourite from Rawaha now. Impressive performance and surely a complement magnet. Would be my signature for a long time specially for office.❞
Tayyab Shahbaz, Customer
❝ (Santal) What a beauty by Rawaha.
Very elegant and unique scent with crazy sillage. This thing gets you noticed!
Great Job Rawaha! ❞
Ali Riaz, Customer
❝ Halfeti Penhaligon impression by Rawaha
Warm n Exotic Aroma it has. Tremendous performer Projection to Longevity Spicy Leather scent profile notes felt cardamom Nutmeg cinnamon rose patchouli n Oud vibes too. Masterpiece n outclass scent. ❞
Shahmir Baloch, Customer
For me this is the best ever creation from rawaha. Compare it with the original side by side and you’ll be blown. Totally backup worthy and my signature scent for upcoming Winters inshallah.❞
Sabih Mahad, Customer
❝ In this heat wave my best choice is Rawaha Royal Vetiver, incredible performance, beast projection and sense of earthy aroma keeps me fresh whole day.
Thanks Rawaha for recommending me this gem.❞
Ammar Rumi, Customer
❝ Used Rawaha One million intense. Comparison to the original. Its 100% same. Sprayed 2 on left original one and sprayed 2 on right. I can’t tell the difference. Wallahi.
Best thing; which I loved was.  Rawaha’s longevity is 24 hours. I can smell whifs. Sillage, projections is stellar.❞
Laaman Malik, Customer
❝ Wild Bergamot Impression of Le labo Bergamot 22. Rawaha has taken the game to the next level !
Lasting & projection is very good. And one of the best things is that it doesn’t have that irritating component that a few clones generally have … A reasonably priced quality alternative to le labo Bergamot 22.❞
Haider Ali, Customer
❝ I had the opportunity of trying Rawaha’s version of MFK Aqua Vitae Forte and I must say it exceeded my expectations yet again. I have previously tried and loved Coco Lachi. I suggest anyone who is in the market for inexpensive but quality fragrances Rawaha should be your number one go to option.❞
Aun Muhammad, Customer
❝ Lion’s Roar by Rawaha Inspired impression of “Xerjoff Uden Overdose”.
What a citrusy beauty and a compliment magnet this is, I am obsessed with its juice color, a perfect choice in this extreme weather of Dubai.❞
Umair Hassan, Customer
❝Ombre Leather Top by Rawaha! The impression of Tom Ford Ombre Leather.
My favorite perfume from the House of Rawaha.
Excellent Performance. Congratulations on creating this masterpiece. ❞
Raja Kashif, Customer
❝Wow… This is one simple word if used for this fragrance (black phantom – Rawaha impression).
I just love it… Its beautiful.
On me it smell very dark chocolate and caramel in heart notes. Lasts all day (12 + hrs). ❞
Syed Jawad Hussain Shah, Customer

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